The ancient Greeks treated all numbers as sticks with varying lengths. To them, all of algebra was geometry. -- David Rutten
Abstract function from nature can use various streams of production to come to fruition, that can enable natural finishes and functions to appear in everyday objects. The emphasis on mimicry, through simple geometric abstraction and in making the complex simple, can be green, ethical and sophisticated when driven by a healthy design DNA. Developing your design DNA alongside production is therefore our focus.

Beauty, not just appearance, that is both exemplary and instructive, certainly intensifies and prolongs the relationship with the user and therefore also makes sense ecologically.” (Dieter Rams) 

We believe that to achieve design integrity one must define the key design drivers for the solutions envelope, so that the products are both practical and functionally beautiful throughout the entire life cycle and family of solutions.

Currently Design DNA is exploring computational art for surface patination, multi-object and repeat object tiling and venation algorithms for sculptural works. Based on representational and parametric design drivers that come directly from natures patterns and logic.

Design DNA Ltd 2018

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Explorations into the nature of maths and the maths of nature…
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