Jonathan (Jo) Sheridan
Jo. Sheridan British industrial designer specialising in process-orientated and function-led parametric design. Studying 4D and experience-led design with professor Ray Holland at De Montfort Leicester. Aesthetics and human factors with Professor Alex Neil at Southampton.

Developing fabrics and hard surface decorations for Lotus, Polestar and Volvo. Drinks serves, jewellery and silver-ware for opulent London dining experiences. Bringing the very latest technology, tools and design methods to individual pieces and complex works alike: Continually searching for contemporaneous and healthy design DNA, to explore synthesis of Arts and Crafts within computational design.

Conferences / Awards / Tutoring

Goldsmiths Craft and Design Award Winner : Silver Award 2022. Conceptual Jewellery Design.
Published @ Automotive Surfaces - Berlin - 2018. Multi-object tiling base material property enhancement.
Speaker @ Shape to Fabrication 3 - London Met – April 2009, Zaha Automation
Speaker @ Distributed Intelligence 1 - Salford Keys – May 2009, Zaha Automation
Speaker Marine Design Conference 2 - Coventry – September 2011 "a beautiful work-boat?”. (Int. Journal of Maritime Design, RINA).
Guest Tutor : University of Nottingham, School of Architecture 2011. Industrial design & Architecture.
Open air theatre design + Mural, Chester Amphitheatre, 2016.
Civil Engineering/UCL (sponsored by Gifford Partners), 1986
Guild Hall acting certificate, Merited + Chester Gateway theatre performances, 1985

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